Olta Travel is a key that unlocks the Russian matryoshka of discoveries for tourist groups. 

Our offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and on Baikal are equipped with experienced organizers who have run hundreds of successful business events and galas. We know where to take your traveling party and how to spend the time there so that your guests remember their visit to Russia as a one-of-a-kind adventure.


9 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Our track record accounts for thousands of unforgettable trips and tens of thousands of happy international tourists.

STRONG TEAM: Our team is comprised of more than 30 members in three offices: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Irkutsk (Baikal). Every one of us has unique knowledge about Russia and is extremely passionate about hospitality.

AWARD-WINNING BRAND: Olta Travel is a four-time recipient of World Travel Awards as Russia’s leading Destination Management Company (DMC) and a proud member of ADMEI, SITE, and MPI. You can frequently see us at major tourism trade fairs.

EASY TRIP CALCULATIONS: We have pioneered the RFQ system, cloud software that allows you to easily calculate the price of your trip to Russia.

Incentives & Teambuilding
With Olta travel you can experience:

Olta Travel excursion to Star City
Touching stars and galaxies through Russia’s space exploration history
Olta Travel Spy games
Embracing mysteries, spy games and Russian’s most obscure secrets
Olta Travel Excursions
Reaching the sacred and iconic visiting the most symbolic places
Olta Travel Russian Cuisine
Tasting the traditional flavours of Russian cuisine
Olta Travel city rallies
Finding those concealed, secret places even locals are not aware of during city rallies
Olta Travel ballet
Being overcome with the beauties of ballet and figure skating
Olta Travel excursion to ice-breaker
Trembling with delight from the power of icebreakers
Olta Travel Russian master-classes
Learning how to make something beautiful on Russia-themed master-classes
Olta Travel museums
Reliving history with special museums and galleries programs
Olta Travel jeep rallies
Conquering the wilderness with jeep rallies
Olta Travel incentives
And much more...
We can organize the right event for the right occasion at the hottest venue and the trendiest place in Russia. Whether you seek to have an award ceremony, gala dinner, concert or something else, Olta Travel will make sure your desires come true.
Exhibitions & Meetings

We are now assisted by world class hotels throughout the region, providing high-quality accommodations for tourists and business-travelers, and a number of a world class convention and exhibition venues. This improvement in infrastructure allied to major tourist attractions, the equal of any in Europe, combine to make Russia one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world.

Our partner network allows us to provide a rapid response to your needs and to offer the best rates to our clients.

For better planning of your trip Olta Travel can guide you through all main conventions and exhibitions that take place in Russia through the whole year.

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