The lake of incredible beauty, one of the Wonders of the world and the deepest natural reservoir of fresh water.
Eastern Siberia
From -20°C to 20°C.
Famous for
The largest freshwater reserve in the world
Irkutsk International Airport

Baikal is one of the most extraordinary places on our planet! Here everything seems inspired, endowed with special sacred meaning. This is the place of a powerful energy, power of the Earth - in such places the person feels the full immensity of nature.

Usually a trip to Baikal begins in Irkutsk - a small merchant city on the banks of the Angara river. Almost since its foundation in 1661, on the way from Russia to China, Irkutsk had become a popular trade place. And still here preserved a lot of mansions and other architectural monuments referring to the rich past of the city. The most striking sights of Irkutsk are the Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church, Znamensky monastery, the Museum of Decembrists, the Kazan Church, the 130 quarter and much more. 

The surroundings of Baikal lake are even more rich in interesting places: in just 43 km from Irkutsk there is open air Museum Taltsy – a complex of monuments of wooden architecture dating from the 17th to 20th centuries. Also among the must visit are Listvyanka village, located on the shore of lake Baikal, numerous beautiful bays (Peschanaya, Aya, Turali), islands, national parks with waterfalls and caves, where were found the traces of ancient men.

The Western shore of Baikal lake is home to its indigenous people – Buryats, who’s main traditional religion is still the shamanism. To get acquainted with their unique culture you should visit the Golden Horde Ethnopark, recharge with the strong and powerful energy on Shamanka rock, the most sacred place of the region, meet local shaman and participate in the special ritual.

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Pour les amoureux de nature et paysage à couper le souffle, je ne peux que vous conseiller ce super voyage. Le lac Baikal est un des plus beaux endroits que j'ai jamais vus. J'espère pouvoir y retrouner un jour !
Rachelle (21.08.2017)
Rachelle (21.08.2017)
Nous venons de rentrer de ce superbe voyage que vous nous aviez organisé en Russie. Un voyage ne peut être réussi sans un bon guide! Là nous en avons eu beaucoup et elles étaient toutes parfaites pour leurs ... connaissances, leur enthousiasme et leur humour et surtout leur maitrise impressionnante du français...!
Jean-Louis Grenier (5.03.2018)
Jean-Louis Grenier (5.03.2018)
Our group has really enjoyed their trip to Baikal Lake! We received a lot of compliments to the guide, that was very competent and attentive, with good English vocabulary. The hotel met our expectations! We hope to stay ... in touch with you for all our further groups!  
Alexandra (17.07.2017)
Alexandra (17.07.2017)
Olta did a wonderful job. We were accompanied by very professional guides who were well informed and impressed us by their knowledge of sites we visited.  We would strongly recommend Olta travels to anyone wishing to visit Russia. Hope you enjoy your trip as much as we did !!
Harry (12.07.2017)
Harry (12.07.2017)
ibis Irkutsk Center 3
The hotel in only 10 minutes from the Railway Station and airport. 128 stylish rooms with modern equipment and bright interior.
Victoria hotel 3
Cozy hotel, situated in a business and historical part of the city near Karl Marx street. The rooms are decorated in classic style and have all necessary equipment.
Courtyard Marriott Irkutsk City Center 4
Good location: 3 minutes walking from the Kirov Square and Angara river embankment. Very spacious rooms with big windows, opening view on the city.
Kupecheskiy dvor 3
The hotel is located in the heart of new trendy Quarter 130. The guest will appreciate the stylization of Russian folk style.
EMPIRE Hotel 3
The hotel is situated in a quiet place, closely to the river embankment and the main historical monuments of the city. Offers 49 stylish rooms with historical interiors.
Marx Hotel 3
New hotel, opened in February 2017 in the very center of Irkutsk. The hotel is equal to 3* and offers 26 spacious, light and fully equipped rooms.
We can book any hotel for different prices demands and tastes.
Talsty Museum
Talsty is an open-air museum, located 20km away from Listvyanka in a picturesque place on the bank of Angara river. It allows you to get acquainted with the lifestyle and housekeeping of the indigenous peoples of the Baikal region. During this tour you will see the old Russian architecture of XVII-XX centuries: the old manors, schools, towers, churches – the whole exposition represents more then 20 thousand exhibits! In addition, all the visitors have an opportunity to participate in master-classes like weaving of birch bark or clay modelling.
Outside the city
Walk & Ride
1,5 hours
Ethnopark “Golden Horde”
This excursion will introduce to you the ethno-cultural identity of the Buryat people, their national cuisine and housekeeping. You will see the most beautiful carved Yurt of Russia, made of precious wood and consecrated by the priest of the local datsan which reflects their national culture and religious values. All the guests can participate in national ceremonies (dancing, singing, playing the folklore instruments), historical games or battles.
Outside the city
Walk & Ride
4 hours
Irkutsk city tour
Irkutsk has always been a merchant city, here are preserved a lot of wooden architecture monuments and magnificent Orthodox churches. During the city tour you will have a walk along the main streets of the city – Karl Marx street, where you will see the buildings of XIX century: monument of Alexander III, the White house, Local lore museum, admire the view of Lower embankment, visit Church of the Saviour – the only surviving building of Irkutsk kremlin, Znamensky Cathedral, which houses the miraculous icon and see the place of execution with Symbolic grave of Admiral Kolchak, located nearby.
In the city
4 hours
Museum of the decembrists
Irkutsk historic memorial museum of the decembrists consists of two memorial manors, located on the neighboring streets in the historical center of the city. Regular exposition tells about the life of the decembrists in West-Siberia (1845-1856), which is represented by the Russian revolutionaries from the nobility, like the Brothers Borissov, V. P. Davidov and otehrs. Moreover, Volkonsky Manor is a unique phenomenon in cultural Irkutsk, because you can see the historical interiors recreated of the house of the families of Puschin, Muravyov – so that you can imagine better the traditions and their way of life in this period.
In the city
1 hour
Listvyanka is an urban-type settlement, situated in 70 kilometers from Irkutsk, near the point where the Angara River leaves Lake Baikal. Despite its modest size, Listvyanka is one of the busiest tourist spots in the whole Siberia. During the excursion, you will get acquainted with the nature of the lake Baikal area in Baikal Museum, discover the Taltsy Musem (the museum of wooden architecture on the open air) and the Chersky peak, where you will enjoy the magnificent view on Lake Baikal.
Outside the city
Walk & Ride
4 hours
Ust-Orda village
Ust-Orda is the Buriyat village located within 60km from Irkutsk. During this tour, you will visit The Local Museum, which tells about the life and times of Buriyats in the Pribaikal region, where the Shamanism is still practiced. You will also get acquainted with customs and mode of life of Buryats. After that, you will be invited to take part in a shaman ceremony. Very unusual excursion where you will feel yourself like a medieval nomad for a few hours!
Outside the city
Walk & Ride
4 hours
Baikal nerpa (seal) is the symbol of the region and one of its most beautiful inhabitants. What makes it special is that this is the only area where you can meet them - they can not live far away from their homeland. Because of their reticence and timidity, it is almost impossible to see Baikal nerpas in natural habitat – but you will have this opportunity during your visit to Nepritarium! You will see the exciting show of dancing nepras, singing, playing with the ball and even painting a real picture, which you can buy at the end of the show.
In the city
Walk & Ride
30 minutes
Riding on a boat
This excursion will be a good opportunity of seeing the most of Baikal Lake in a short period. You will land on an extra comfortable boat in Listvyanka village and sail in the direction of the wild and untouched nature of the lake’s north, rocky shores and sandy bays that are impossible to reach by land. A treasure on the East of Russia!
Outside the city
1 hour
Dinner with local family
It is well-known that Russia is a country rich in traditions, and the best way to get acquainted with Russian cuisine, housekeeping or lifestyle is to become a part of it. Dinner with the local family is a unique experience which will give you a chance to discover it in full measure! Enjoy the delicious homemade food in a warm atmosphere – this would certainly long remain in your memory!
In the city
Walk & Ride
1,5 hours
Picnic on the lake
Baikal is rich on the picturesque places which can just take your breath away. Get ready to have a cozy and a tasty picnic with the incredible view on fluffy mountains, covered buy trees, cliffs and endless water surface. Delicious lunch and the moment of absolutely calmness and harmony with the nature will give you the strength for new discoveries of Baikal.
Outside the city
1,5 hour
Standard airplane
Imperial Russia Train
Tsar's Gold Luxury Trains
Golden Eagle Luxury Trains
Standart Russian train
MICE transport
Hovercraft Hivus

Despite the fact that tourists travel to Irkutsk and Baikal for active leisure, the theatres of the city are definitely worth a visit too!

Irkutsk drama theatre
Spend your evening admiring a performance in majestic Irkutsk drama theatre. Founded in 1850 it is one of the oldest theatres of Russia. In different periods of time on its stage shone the famous masters of the Russian theatrical stage and today it is still a great honor to be a part of the troupe for all the actors of the region.
Zagurskiy Irkutsk State Musical Theater
Created in 1941 at the beginning of WWII, this theater only got his status of “music theater” in 1990. The styles of the shows are various, from classical to contemporary artworks, from operas to ballets and musicals! You will enjoy an unforgettable moment in a historic theater!
Irkutsk Folk Drama Theater
Created in 1977 and owning its own art school ever since, this theater is one of the most visited theater by Irkoutsk inhabitants. Its emblem being the Trinity (a peasant, a warier, and a monk) shows its goal of broadcasting the culture to the largest possible audience, hence it is designated as a “popular theater”. A cultural experience to live!
We can find any theatre for different price demands and tastes.

Baikal is located at the intersection of different cultures, which is reflected in the local cuisine.There are a lot of restaurants where you can taste Mongolian, Buryat, Russian, Chinese as well as European dishes.

In a soviet and warm atmosphere, this restaurant will host you to make you discover several Russian specialties, such as Pelmeni or Vareniki. You will have the occasion to taste the Rassolnik, this typical Russian soup made of pickles dating back to the 15th century, which has become the symbol of this restaurant.
In this restaurant, you will have the occasion to take part in the Russian tradition of family lunch, which has been existing for centuries in Russia. You will enjoy some dishes, cooked only with local and fresh farm products and produced by local producers, in an atmosphere between modernity and authenticity.
Lunch or dinner in this restaurant will immerse you into 19th-century Russia! Interior, stylized as a Russian izba, tableware, traditional Russian cuisine - everything here breathes the era of Imperial times. By the way, all dishes are cooked of products grown on the restaurant’s own farm.
Figaro restaurant is located on the central street of Irkutsk. To create the menu, the chief took inspiration worldwide, keeping the best culinary traditions of cuisines from different countries. The staff is speaking English, French, German and Italian.
The restaurant is located on the seventh floor in the historical part of Irkutsk and opens an exceptional view on the city. Living oysters, Carpaccio of scallops, Baked whitefish - the kitchen is able to surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet.
In a typical Mongol interior, you will discover the Golden Horde and the traditional dishes, which were served to Genghis Khan himself! Located in a historical mansion downtown Irkutsk, this restaurant will suggest you to taste these dishes on an outside veranda, to enjoy the heat of the summer under the trees!
We can find any restaurant for different price demands and tastes.
Night life

As every modern city, Irkutsk has a lot of options for nightlife. Local bars and restaurants can easily compete with the capital's popular places.

Located in Irkutsk’s business area, this bar-restaurant offers a modern interior with a huge screen, and a high-quality lights and acoustic system. Each night, a ballet-show “Broadway” is organized. During the night, you will be able to eat at the restaurant, which prepares modern Russian and European food!
Not far from Irkutsk’s downtown, the Mamay is a club-restaurant where you will enjoy the warm and festive atmosphere of the nightlife. This place organizes many parties and theme nights, but also concerts. The restaurant prepares dishes from various origins, such as Central Asian and Mongolian food!
Dikaya Loshad
The Dikaya Loshad, which means “Wild Horse”, presents a unique atmosphere created by its wooden structures and dancefloor, which reminds of the Far West. Very well-equipped, the club’s restaurant chefs cook European, Russian, Japanese and Chinese food, that you will be able to enjoy with a festive ambiance created by a professional animator !
The Akula Club (which means « shark » in Russian) offers theme and interactive nights as well as tournaments all year long. Owning an acoustic equipment from Yorkville, the club’s parties are always festive, and you can enjoy them with Korean and Japanese sophisticated food.
Molchanov Bar
With intriguing paintings on the walls made of red bricks, immerse yourself in the mysterious and original atmosphere of this bar. You will enjoy tasty cocktails served by always-smiling waiters and listen to 100% live music, whether concerts or DJ shows. An awesome night for sure!
Located in the city of Aransk, this club presents a vivid-colors interior, which regularly hosts theme nights and numerous DJ performances. The level of the quality of professional sound equipment is very high and offers festive parties on two dancefloors, which can host up to 150 people!
We can find any entertainment option for different price demands and tastes.

Baikal Lake opens great opportunities for active rest. Some of the options can be experienced only here!

Russian Banya
Banya – Russian sauna, has always held a special place in the culture of Russian people. Traditionally it is a small wooden house, a log cabin with wood stove, covered by stones, which were used to generate the hot steam. For centuries Russians believed that in banya they were purified not only the body but the soul. This experience will let you discover the sacred meaning of such an important part of Russian culture!
Troyka riding in Siberian Zaimka Burduguz
Siberian Zaimka is a hunting base, located in a quiet and picturesque place on the Bay of Angara river, in the heart of nature, surrounded by beautiful lush pine forest. Here you can experience the old traditional entertainments of the Siberian people, such as Troika riding (old Russian traditional carriage driven by three horses).
Riding on hovercraft Hivus
The Hovercraft named “Hivus” is one of the best and the most popular transport on the Lake Baikal. Being able to reach 70km/h, this engine not only works on the water, but also when the Lake is frozen. The “Hivus” will enable you to visit some shores of the Lake that cannot be reached by land.
Dog sledding
Dog sledding is one of the best activities for tourists in the region of the Baikal Lake. Pulled by cute Huskies you will have a lot of fun discovering beautiful landscapes of the forests, mountains and endless lake from your dogsled. A breath-taking and sensational experience!
Meeting with a Shaman
Shamanism is still a traditional religion of Buryat people. Meeting with a Shaman will enable you to experience the beliefs of shamanism, as well as their symbiosis with the nature. A very spiritual moment in your trip to be connected to local traditions and to get a powerful boost of energy!
Bouzy cooking master-class
Culinary master-classes allow to get acquainted with an important part of the culture of the people. We advise you to start with Bouzy - the national dish of the Buryat cuisine, the recipe and tradition of cooking which is rooted in the distant past. Minced meat in a special way is wrapping in dough, briefly keeping in the cold, and cooking in a special multi-tiered pot.
Travel Tips

For those who want to know ahead what awaits them on Baikal, we prepared a set of useful information and travel tips to make your groups’ staying the safest and the most comfortable possible.

Baikal is one of those places that are equally worth a visit in both summer and winter. In summer the region will welcome you with warm, mild climate, fluffy forests covering the slopes of the mountains and plenty of sun. And winter will surprise you with the fantastic scenery of the caves, covered with ice, massive hummocks and pure ice, opening view on the abyss of lake Baikal.
How to get there?
There is a good international airport in Irkutsk, but we recommend to use the railway. Here lies the famous Trans-Siberian railway - the longest in the world, and you can discover the incredible landscapes of the region from the window of the compartment. It is a perferct start of the acquaintance with the lake Baikal!
Because of the climate, the weather in winter near the lake is warmer, and in summer cooler than in the rest parts of the region. However, we recommend to have a light windproof clothing, as even the hot sun can be deceiving. And in winter don’t forget to bring a warm jacket, hat, gloves and a pair of good boots.
Baikal, like any large water reservoir tends to warm up or cool very slowly. And because of the climate of the region, even in summer the water is cool enough. In order to comfortably swim – it’s better to go to the small bays! So beach rest lovers will appreciate Peschanaya Bay, Small sea and Olkhon island.
Mirage Of Lake Baikal
The climatic peculiarities of lake Baikal, namely, the powerful collision of streams of warm and cold air often cause mirages. Local residents see them regularly, up to 16 times a year. So, there were some cases when people saw the passing train above the surface of the lake, and rock Khoboy hovering over the Olkhon. More often mirages can be seen at the North-Eastern part of the Olkhon island, Cape Pokoyniky and Bolshoy Ushkany island.
Fishing bans
Of course the fishing on the lake is a big dream of fishermen from all over the world. However, now they have to be more careful! On October 1, 2017 came into force a law, prohibiting the catching of Baikal Omul - the main fish of this region. The task of the measures taken is to prevent the disappearance of its population.
You can always contact us via [email protected] to book a tour or to have an answer to your questions.
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