Les 5 lacs les plus profonds du monde

5 Deepest Lakes in the World

Russia & More

Vast lakes with deep, dark waters are a stunning and humbling sight that makes you stand in awe and realize how small we are in this world at the same time. Whether you want to visit a place where few tourists have been, want to see some of nature’s most magnificent wonders, or are just searching for gorgeous, pristine nature, check out one of these 5 deepest lakes in the world.

Lake Baikal - the Deepest Lake on Earth

Lake Baikal, located in Russian Siberia is the world’s deepest lake at 5,387 feet or 1637 meters. In addition to being the deepest freshwater lake in the world and, naturally, the deepest lake in Russia, lake Baikal is also the oldest lake in the world - it has existed for around 25 million years. Due to its significant area and depth, lake Baikal, Siberia is also the largest lake in the world by volume, containing around 5.5 thousand cubic miles of fresh water or about 23 thousand cubic kilometers. This means that about 20% of all fresh water on Earth that’s not frozen is located in lake Baikal. The volume of water in one lake Baikal surpasses the total volume of water in the Great Lakes. Lake Baikal is home to over 60 species of fish and lots of other animals, plants and algae.

Lake Tanganyika

While Lake Tanganyika is much shallower than Russia’s lake Baikal, its depth is 4,823 feet, it is the longest lake in the world, giving it enough area to hold about 4.5 thousand cubic miles of fresh water, which accounts for about 18% of all unfrozen fresh water in the world. The lake is home to numerous species of fish, including 250 species of cichlids, sponges and jellyfish. There are numerous small and 6 large islands on the lake and the lake itself is located within four countries: Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea is the third deepest lake in the world and it is partially located in the country that’s home to the world’s largest freshwater lake Baikal - Russia. Caspian Sea is also located within Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Interestingly, even tough 80% of the water in this sea comes from the Volga River and it is not connected to the ocean in any way, the water in the sea has 1.2 percent salinity. Waters of the sea are home to Beluga sturgeon - the species that produces caviar, tuna, salmon and seals.

Lake Vostok

Lake Vostok is the fourth deepest lake in the world at 3,300 feet deep, but it’s location is not one an average traveler is up for visiting. The lake is located in Antarctica next to Vostok Station, giving the lake its name. The layer of ice on the lake is 1,600 feet deep. The water in the lake is under constant high pressure and it contains high concentrations of nitrogen and oxygen, however, some microorganisms have been found in the ice and water underneath it.

O’Higgins-San Martin Lake

O'Higgins-San Martin Lake, the 5th deepest lake on Earth, has a depth of 2,742 feet. It is located in Patagonia on the territory of both Argentina and Chile. Interestingly, the lake is known by two different names to the people in two countries where it’s located - in Chile it’s called Lago O'Higgins and in Argentina the lake is named Lago San Martin.

5 Deepest Lakes in the World
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