Bad words in Russian

Bad words in Russian


If Hank Moody got to Russia, his lexicon would definitely be enriched. Good or bad, but Russian is famous for its abundance of profanity. The mother tongue also has its classic - old, well-known expressions that do not go out of style. Generations bring their own adjustments to this slang, reinforcing certain words or opposite, forming a more muted emotional background. There is more than one study dedicated to Russian language mockery, and our selection will help any tourist to stay alert and not get caught in someone's joke. Let's start with frank sexism.

  • Мудак - mudak (translated as shithead)

Succulent word, applicable only to men. "Mudak" has many consonants, but in the end it all boils down to the insignificance, uselessness of the person or his actions. Used in contemporary literature and cinematography.

  • Пидорас - Pidoras (cursing from homosexuals)

In the case of verbal strife and acute conflict, it is not about tolerance, but it should be noted that to call homosexuals a specific word is very offensive.

The harassment, as in the first case, applies only to men in speech, and is one of the varieties of cursing towards a person who is clearly doing a bad deed. Sounds much more disparaging than the previous insult on our list.

  • Хуй - Hui (Duck)

Earlier it was often written on fences. A universal word for different situations. It can express a whole range of emotions - depending on the context - from confusion to aggression.

  • Гандон - Gandon (condom)

The original meaning was discredited by the use of the word as mother. A surprisingly vulgar word seems to be in our alternate list by the third number - a word that is called only men. Like the previous ones, it is used to refer to a negative character.

  • Жопа - Zhopa (ass)

Rough word, but by no means a provocative word. Depending on the situation, it can be said stupidly, tired, but rarely when aggressively. In some context, it denotes a difficult, hopeless situation in which the speaker is caught. It goes well with stress.

  • Сука – Suka (Bitch)

Finally, women got it too! The English-speaking population understands both literary and maternal significance. Widely used, this word does not carry much depth. It can be reformatted into a diminutive-flattering one - in that case it becomes almost sexual.

  • Блядь – Bliad’ (Whore)

All the absurdity is that cursing itself is used in every possible way except the original one. What you say when stumbling, driving on the red, cutting your finger, getting into an unpleasant situation. It's just a curse, the depth of which is determined by intonation (in written speech - context).

  •  Шлюха - Shliukha (Whore)

The name is a noun used in the truest sense of the word. It has a bright emotional color and is used including in argumentative quarrels, often between representatives of different sex. When referring to someone by this word, they are referring specifically to sexual behavior. In the context of the business habits discussed, it may apply to both women and men.

  • Пиздец – Pizdets (something like damn it)

Often used with the adjectives "full", "in general". The Russians say so about an extremely unpleasant, critical situation. Complaint monologue, a story about a past trip - in general, a universal word is suitable for any oral speech. The mother word sits firmly in the ranking of popular words, not obsolete or changing the outer shell. When "bliad’" is used during a situation, the "pizdets" is often said to describe a case that has already occurred. It can be no less catastrophic event with elements of hopelessness and despair now living on a cold head. However, it can be said and hot. 

Foreigners are not advised to use native words of the Russian language without feeling the context.

Bad words in Russian
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