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Do you know, what is the largest country in the world? Which state is the widest and the longest one? This is Russian Federation, Russia, and we are glad to discover it for you!

We’ll present to you absolutely new Russia, tourist and enthralling country, which hides a lot of secrets, beautiful sightseeing, incredible parts of nature and unbelievable historic landmarks.

From the West Russia begins from 2 “federal districts”, Tsentraliny and Severo-Zapadnii, which summarily cover as much territory, as Europe does. There are Moscow and Saint-Petersburg here, two main Russian cities. Each of them has a lot of monuments, parks, museums and castles, which relate to diverse historic periods.

A lot of incredible parts of nature are placed apart from big cities and rural regions. For example, “Kronotskiy zapovednik” on the Kamchatka. It’s on of the most beautiful place of wild nature. Bears, geysers, secular trees and silence… The greatness of Her Majesty Nature covers and stokes you irreversibly.

Or, you can visit Volgograd, which used to bear the name Stalingrad during the World War II. Its monument “Mother Motherland” is the highest in the Russia. Its majesty symbolizes heroism of soviet nation within Battle of Stalingrad.

There are a lot of antique monasteries in the Russia, each of them represents a separate period of orthodox history, as well as Russian history in general.

The biggest freshwater lake on the planet – Baikal – is also situated in Russia, near Irkutsk. That lake is one of the pearl of Russian nature.

In general, Russian features are greatness and infinity. Every tourist is shocked by sizes and endless expanses of Russia. Each demanding tourist can find holiday in Russia satisfying from all points of view.

Do you feel like discovering Russia? We can make your trip to Russia to be an unforgettable one! Our tourist programs are specially designed by us in such way that nothing interesting remains out of your sight. Make up your mind and let us be near you on this unveiling interesting trip.

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2014-08-12 - Museum of Optical Illusions now in Moscow!
Around 100 interactive compositions are now available for visitors in the Museum of Optical illusions opened in Moscow’s City center.
Details >>>
2014-07-23 - Harley-Davidson® Festival in St. Petersburg!
This year St. Petersburg becomes a capital of 111th birthday celebration of legendary brand Harley-Davidson®.
Details >>>
2014-06-25 - River and channels tours in St. Petersburg in a new format.
St. Petersburg Committee on Tourism Development press center informed that soon citizens and guests of the city taking boat tour will be able to leave the boat at one stop, have a tour there and take another boat to continue their trip.
Details >>>
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