The most ridiculous myths about Russia that we actually believe in

The most ridiculous myths about Russia that we actually believe in

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World is full of jokes and ridiculous stories we believe in, and they touch almost any nation. What to tell about Russians – the number of preconceptions and misconceptions about this country is in our opinion insane. So what is truth and what is a myth? What to believe in?

One of the foreigners who constantly lives in Russia, told us that one first of all must realize that Russians are real people, and not some walking characters of anecdotes of TV shows. Russians are popular for their frankness, and they themselves also value conversations heart to heart. They laugh contagiously. And foreigners have their own idea about Russia. What are they sure of?

In Russia it's always winter and cold

We don’t really know why, but normal Russian winter is shown by the foreign media as some disaster. Many journalists say that Russians cannot cope with the natural elements, and that the streets are covered with snow. In reality, snow is a big problem, and in most of Russia temperatures can get really low in winter, but it’s not like it ruins the life of ordinary people – there are still tourists coming to Russia in winter, and people still have great time. Just avoid being outside for too long.

Russian beauties

It is true that Russian women are of extraordinary beauty. This is considered by foreigners, and not without reason. Northern beauties, born in the harsh snow and ice of Russia, have long conquered the whole world. Millions of Russian women left with the fall of the Iron Curtain abroad. Someone married a foreigner, someone supplemented themselves with brothels in Arab and European countries, someone got married to celebrities, like Milla Jovovich or Natalya Vodyanova. Russian women spread like a brand around the world. We would not say confidently, frankly, that our women are really the most beautiful. But anyway, Russian women, if not the most beautiful, then certainly not the most repulsive.

On the world stage, a Russian girl was chosen as the beauty queen only once, in 2002. Oksana Fedorova won this title, but refused it, because at that time she was working t the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was her personal decision. For comparison: beauties from Venezuela were chosen six times! American women were chosen seven times, etc. But the symbol of a Russian woman is a matryoshka with pink cheeks, and it is more fortunate. It is still a recognizable Russian brand all over the world.

The Russians are drunk all the time

In almost all the films about Russia and the Russians in Hollywood, there is a bottle of vodka. Russian cosmonaut Lev Andropov in the performance of Peter Stormare wearing a cap with earflaps in the film featuring Bruce Willis "Armageddon" is not only drunk slightly, but also strange. In animated cartoons about the Simpsons one of the members of the jury is asked:

  • Where are you from?
  • From Russia.
  • A! Drunk already, right?

Russian member of the jury guiltily lowers his eyes and grumbles "Yes."

Russian vodka is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. I was told by an American before his first visit to Russia that he really wants to see how the Russians drink vodka in Moscow's squares of wild bears. In the 90s, some Americans really believed that bears are walking through the streets of our snow-covered Russian cities, and Russian peasants are driving them to chains and singing with vodka so that they do not very much riot. Arriving in Moscow and not finding the bears on Tverskaya, this American was very upset and so himself "poured" Russian vodka, that then two days could not get out of the hotel room. I lay down.

All Russians sleep with a gun in their hands

Before going with the war on the Russians, Hitler instructed his scientists to study them. The Germans came to the conclusion that the Russians were drinking, lazy, lying on the stoves, and they liked to make problems. In general, they can be conquered. And Hitler jerked to the East, and he signed a verdict. The Russians got up from the couch, climbed down from the stove and, albeit not immediately, but so "piled up" the Nazis that they wiped fascism off the face of the earth, and Hitler had to rest himself forever.

Russian in the eyes of a foreigner does not just sleep with Kalashnikov in an embrace. It's a little bit small. In Hollywood films, Russian, as a rule, trades warheads almost by weight.

Russian soul

This is something that neither they nor even we ourselves can not understand. In one of the interviews, actress Sharon Stone, an American, said she had read Chekhov and other Russian writers and said she had not understood the Russian soul. Mysterious and passionate. I myself am not a greater expert in this matter, although I live in Russia. Born and raised in the heart of the country - Moscow - but I still do not understand, did not feel, did not smell, what is this - the mysterious Russian soul. It is in every Russian - definitely! - but I can not give it a scientific definition. It includes passion, indifference, long-suffering, ruthless rebellion, compassion and destruction by millions of similar ones.

It is like a breeze from the sea. That will blow and then it can be felt, it will disappear when the wind changes and only the memory of it remains. Foreigners want to understand: what is this "Russian soul", but - in vain. Russian spiritual, educated, intelligent. So foreigners consider. But they cannot understand why, for example, we make excellent ballistic missiles, but at the same time we can not manufacture a simple plastic tank for a car for a car factory in Kaluga, and it has to be ordered in Japan?

It's dangerous to walk the streets of Russia

This fear of foreigners is largely justified. Our streets, especially at night, are really unsafe, but this situation is not only in our cities. Although I admit that walking at night in Russia is MUCH more dangerous than in Berlin or Prague, for example. Foreigners are afraid that in the streets we gang at night lazily gangs that they can rob and leave in their underpants, or even without them at all - Oh GOD! - Degree of frost. That the Russian police is corrupt is very easy, they can easily take "into the jail and clean up." That we everywhere have ice and walk dangerously, you can fall and smash your head.

Many fears of foreigners related to security in Russia. But more and more of them come to us and they see that everything is not so terrible, because cities, people themselves, are changing. The more we are open to them, the more they recognize us, and their perceptions of Russia are transformed. We ourselves now - the Russians - often go to them to Europe and America, we show ourselves. This process is mutually directed. True, while they are not in a hurry to expand the door to them, that is, to remove visas for Russians.

Yes, while the myths about Russia still live, and in this there is nothing so bad. On that they are myths to live for centuries. We still read the Myths of Ancient Greece, the myths make films, put on performances. While we - the Russians - are so poorly studied by foreigners, the myths about the Russians will live long.

The most ridiculous myths about Russia that we actually believe in
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